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Lost Avocado Team Building

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Our Team & Approach

Our team is comprised of expert event designers, facilitators, and creative workplace culture consultants. We strive to design explosive and wildly unique programs for our clients every single time that have their people saying "I love working here", "I love my coworkers", "I love my purpose!". And, we love doing this for you!

Our founder facilitated more team building programs than anyone on the planet since 2006 (50+ per  month at his apex). Now that's some serious experience! He, and we, have seen it all. Let us lean into the best of the best, world-class programs we've seen and how they create the most amazing experiences (with some team building sprinkled in!). Thank you. We appreciate your business and your trust.

Us in Numbers

1 Million+

people engaged in our programs


companies served


unique & custom programs delivered


years of experience

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